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Sakyamuni Buddha — Enlightenment for the Ages

The statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni represents one of many different Buddha that have lived throughout the ages. The definition of Buddha is “first enlightened one of an era”. Now it is believed that Buddha Sakyamuni (also known as Gautama, Siddhartha Gautama) lived somewhere between 500 and 400 BC and that his name means “Sage of the Sakyas. Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
It is said, his birth was by immaculate conception in that his mother had a dream that a white 6 tusked elephant entered her right side and 10 months later Sakyamuni was born. As a child he was kept in the palace by his father, a king, to keep him from viewing the disease and suffering that was common during that time.
Upon reaching his 29th birthday, he went out from the palace walls and observed the true conditions of the time. It is said that he became so depressed that he embarked on his spiritual journey by becoming an ascetic (one who shuns worldly items and deprives himself of pleasure). He left the palace to study under two hermit spiritual teachers who taught ascetic ways (common for the age) and, at one point was asked by one his teachers to succeed him, which he refused, believing that there was more to be learned. After his tutelage under these teachers, he went even further in his ascetism by restricting his intake of food to one nut or leaf per day which almost cost him his life.
It was at this point in his life while reminiscing about a pleasant childhood memory, he reached a concentrated and focused state that was blissful and refreshing – he had reached jhana or enlightenment. Upon enlightenment, he realized that the “middle way” was the true path. He taught others that over indulgence in material things on one end and self-deprivation of materials and food on the other was not the way to happiness and health. He spent the next 49 years teaching the middle path which eventually became the pillars of the Buddhist religion today.
Displaying a statue of Sakyamuni in your home or office will remind you of the balance of the middle path for your life and may bring enlightenment to you.